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  • la7um
    ... Hello. I did abt 25 years ago buy an active symetrical DATONG antenna amplifier intended for using a whip on each side abt 1,5 m. It was an active antenna
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      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "rn_kastury" <rkastury@...> wrote:
      > I live in Mumbai,(formarly BOMBAY) India, a concrete jungle. I am on
      > the 2nd floor of a seven story apartment block, surrounded by
      > similar blocks 40 ft apart. My owner does not allow me to put up any
      > antenna - even a piece of wire, on the terrace of the building. My
      > windows are caged in steel grill work - and may be sort of farady
      > cage!
      > After going through many discussions on this group, I tried many SW
      > antennas for my Sony7600. I have now made a antenna using the normal
      > Cable TV shielded antenna wire, 10 ft of this wire was stripped off
      > the shielding leaving another 10ft shelded. This was made into a
      > loop of about 1 1/2 ft dia giving 4 turns - 2 unshielded, 2
      > shielded - making a sort of dipole loop !
      > I have put this inside my room, near the window, and am getting a
      > fairly good SW reception. But is not as good as outdoors with the
      > Sony builtin whip. I wonder whether the same wire without looping,
      > as a straighrt dipole, dropped out of my window would have given me
      > a better SW reception ! I hope my landlord will allow this !
      > I am getting many MW stations - most of them weak signals, early
      > morning and at night, - strength 2 to 3 / 10 - from All India
      > Radio which has more than 60 transmitters all over India - I want to
      > improve the signal strength of the MW signal using an indoor
      > antenna. ( of course I have tried all various positions and
      > directions in the room to get the best signals)
      > Is there any way to boost the MW signals?
      Hello. I did abt 25 years ago buy an active symetrical DATONG antenna
      amplifier intended for using a whip on each side abt 1,5 m.
      It was an active antenna for longwave to 30mhz.
      It looked as a kind of simple fm dipole.
      I took away the whips, and instead made about 25-30 turns of a single
      cable around a cartoonbox about 1 m in diameter..
      I coupled the start and the end of this antenna to the 2 different edges
      of the amplifier.
      Out of the amplifier there was a coax antenna cable for a couple of meters.
      This worked nicely on all bands. and the magnetic loop of course was directive.
      I just turned the cartoon under my working desk.
      No tuning necessary.
      I also tried a passive Yaesu rx tuner directly to the cable around the cartoon.
      It also worked nice. But of course it was necessary with exact tuning.
      Later I have tried to make a lot of turns around a sony icf7600 and coupled
      this to a flatcable standard 300ohm tvcable.
      This tvflatcable was put around the window inside coupled to a similar flat cable
      some meter long directly to the turns around the icf7600.
      The flatcable around the window was coupled in a way that this became a 2 turn
      single wire loop.

      This system boosted inductivly lw and mw on the sony radio. I did not use any
      tuner here. Of course it may be could have helped.
      Good luck. from la7um Finn.
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