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9975Re: [loopantennas] Re: LOOP AMPLIFIER

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  • Andrew Ikin
    Jun 7, 2013
      Brian wrote on June 6.
      "Your 25mm x 3mm flat strip I make equivalent to the surface area of
      an 18mm dia tube in RF skin terms which is about the same diameter
      as Welbrook use for the ALA-1530 !!!!"
      The loop amplifier in question has a very low input impedance, hence there will be a miss-match at MF and HF when using a loop with the above dimensions. Whilst this may not be an issue for just nullinng out a pest. There will be noticeable loss in s/n compared to Pixel and Wellbrook loops that use higher input impedance amplifiers.
      A very low input z amp. requires a much lower reactance loop. This is not easy to achieve whilst maintaining a reasonable capture area.
      Earlier this year I received updated Calibration data for the LFL1010 ( same amp as the 1530, but a much lower input z ) and compared it to the ALA1530. The net result was an approx. 10dB improvement is sensitivity at MF and HF with the higher input z ALA1530.
      Kind regards
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