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  • brian nsl
    Jun 6, 2013
              Thank you for the response to my query, most kind.
      Your 25mm x 3mm flat strip I make equivalent to the surface area of
      an 18mm dia tube in RF skin terms which is about the same diameter
      as Welbrook use for the ALA-1530 !!!!
      Certainly our local DIY warehouse sells strip in 3m long lengths so
       will check out the cross sections available.
      From your clear description assembly sounds straightforward,
      the secret being not to lose the wire tail hi!
      As a matter of interest I had similar thoughts on using a 3ft dia plastic
      ' Hula Hoop ' with  rolled up turkey strength cooking foil as the core
      these are just the correct dia to fit into PVC 18mm electrical conduit
      fittings like ' T's, junction boxes, elbows etc ' which has the advantage
      of being much stronger than PVC water pipe.
      To date I have never  heard of anyone who has taken a Wellbrook ALA-1530
      apart !!!!! 
      I will let you know how I fare with my version of the loop.
      My particular interest is NDB and 28 mhz beacon monitoring.
      Your comments on nulling the local ' pest ' out is of much interest
      as I have 349.5 khz - Liverpool just 8 miles away, a real pain !!!!!
                                                     72, Brian, G├śNSL.
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