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9214Re: [loopantennas] Re: Loop calculator softwares

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  • Benoît Mangin
    Aug 1 9:20 AM
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      For modelling purposes I use MMANA, because of the graphical functionalities of the thing. But modeling a octogonal 25 turns 2m diameter loop takes some art...
      Plus, the loop should be made with litz wire (for LF/MF use or MF/160meters use), so modeling is out of the question, because of stray capacitance of such a cooil. All I have to do, I guess, is build, then measure, then apply Thomson formulas. But it is in the peasuring part that I doubt the thing. My LC-meter just seems not reliable enough to me, for RF applications. I guess it samples the inductance es capacitance @ 1kHz.
      I would like to build it for 100-600kHz or 400/2000kHz use, which can be a bit tricky...
      Have you got any measuring procedures ? I do not care about SWR at this stage, this will be dealt with using proper ferrite transformer and/or coupling loop inside of the main - that's to say, tuned - loop arrangement.
      I will need to get L of course, and C, due to Litz wire use and the increased stray capacitance it produces. Then, I could get the antenna self-resonant frequency -without connecting a capacitor - and calculate how much C I need to resonate it on other frequencies.
      Any suggestion ?
      de F8GRY/Ben

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      Objet : [loopantennas] Re: Loop calculator softwares

      --- In mailto:loopantennas%40yahoogroups.com, Benoît Mangin <mangin.benoit@...> wrote:  
      > What do you use for your multiturn loop calculations (softwares) ?

      Are you talking about a small loop (magnetic loop) antenna?

      If so, I use 4nec2 for this sort of thing. It can load EZNEC files. The following post contains an EZNEC file of a multi-turn loop: http://www.eham.net/ehamforum/smf/index.php/topic,83624.msg603106.html#msg603106

      As a fully-featured NEC2-based antenna modeling suite, 4nec2's features may seem overwhelming at first, but it's actually very easy to use, and I'm sure it gives you far more information than a simple loop calculator program would (information like current distribution around the loop, 3D radiation pattern, etc.).

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