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  • bk915
    Feb 2, 2012
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      I've got a B&W T2FD, 90', came from an SK. While seeming 'deaf' the reception did seem to have a lower signal level but better S/N ratio. I didn't try to Tx very much, but the modeling I've seen, possibly Cebik, shows lower gain than a standard dipole. It is not meant as a DX antenna. I think the Navy had it developed to be capable of being used anywhere in the HF spectrum. It is used with the systems that hop frequency, also, just can't remember what that's called. A versatile antenna, maybe, high performance? No.

      For amateur or swl use it can be a decent Rx only antenna if it's inconvenient to set up something better.

      Bill Kulze W2NVD

      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, Doug Kniffen <dkniffen@...> wrote:
      > > Posted by: "tenorman1952" tenorman1952@... tenorman1952
      > > Date: Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:11 am ((PST))
      > >
      > > Our experience (club) with a T2FD was dismal. Great SWR readings on all bands, just deaf as a post and no output. Could not hear it across town. A great dummy load.
      > >
      > I wonder why it didn't work for you, maybe you were expecting
      > something different. T2FD is not a "weak signal" antenna, but it works
      > very well in high noise environments. I've been using a T2FD (mounted
      > inverted "V" style) for many years. Really serious noise problems here
      > and the T2FD was the only one of many antennas tried that would bring in
      > a clean signal. If your location has off frequency noise on top of
      > moderately strong desired signals, the T2FD is a "second to none"
      > antenna choice.
      > Reducing the local noise level -WILL- allow reception of signals way to
      > weak to be heard under the noise picked up by other (not resistively
      > terminated) antenna designs.
      > Doug Kniffen
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