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8411Re: What type of capacitor is used for loop antenna?

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  • longjohn119
    Apr 1, 2011
      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "mowypt" <mowypt@...> wrote:
      > With the loop I have, 6uf is what I need for below 1KHz and I don't know enough about capacitors. The one I have I guess it's called a "run" capacitor. It says 6uf 450 volts AC. I assume I need a different type of capacitor. Well thanks for your replies.

      You need a loop with more windings/inductance not a big cap. Having a way to measure the actual inductance is very helpful also ....

      Those run caps do make excellent bipolar caps in speaker crossovers (The + and - marks are for phasing not DC polarity), especially for high power sound reinforcement speakers .... Otherwise not much use for them other than AC motors, if it's got a plastic case it's a start cap limited duty cycle, if it's got a metal case it's a run cap 100% duty cycle. Only the run caps make good crossover (Or AC coupling) caps although their size limits their applications mainly to speakers although I do have a circuit similar to this one by Dallas Lankford only using coil values (Crossover coils oversized that I took windings off of until I reach the desired inductance) tweaked to work with available start cap values. Mine will work on any amp up to 50 watts, you just plug it into a Speaker Out and then plug an external speaker into the filter.

      Elliptic Low Pass Audio Filters (Used to counter fading distortion on AM)

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