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818Re: [loopantennas] untuned amplified magnetic loop

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  • john nelson
    Jul 1, 2005
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      Right after I sent the question, I realized that it
      was a RDF antenna. I know that it works but exactly
      how does it work? Something to do with the phase
      relationships of the H and E fields?

      John Nelson

      --- Jim Dunstan <jimdunstan@...> wrote:

      > At 06:34 AM 7/1/2005 -0700, you wrote:
      > >What is the point of having a loop and whip antenna
      > >connected together. In this configuration you
      > would
      > >be sensing the magnetic and electrical fields at
      > the
      > >same time. I thought the point of a loop was to
      > avoid
      > >the electrical altogether. Probably the text
      > explains
      > >this but my German isn't good enough to figure it
      > out.
      > >
      > >John Nelson
      > The combination is for direction finding. The
      > circular pattern of the whip
      > in combination with the figure eight of the loop
      > will provide a single a
      > pattern that will show one direction rather than
      > two.
      > Jim Dunstan
      > Thunder Bay, ON

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