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8125Re: [loopantennas] Loop reflector

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  • Steve Ellington
    Jan 3, 2011
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      Joey: I hope you are talking about a horizontal loop. Everyone seems to think you are but you might be talking about a little magnetic loop or something. Who knows.

      I had a 160 meter, full wave, loop up 60 feet and I put a reflector under it. The reflector was about 6 feet off the ground. Basically I had a cubical quad aimed straight up. I tried making the reflector 5% longer than the driven element.
      I could tell no difference on 160 meters but really....The only way to measure gain would be to fly above the antenna in a helicopter and use a very sensitive field strength meter.
      For a number of reasons, the reflector would not function on harmonics but especially since the loop no longer acted as an NVIS antenna.
      Bottom line: The reflector was a waste of time.

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      what has anyone experienced using a reflector under the loop they operate on? Is there a real increase in gain?

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