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8124Re: [loopantennas] Re: Loop reflector

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  • Andy
    Jan 3 9:46 AM
      > I think that would actually be considered a ground plane rather than a reflector.

      Just curious ... why do you say that? In your eye, what is the
      difference between a ground plane and a reflector?

      Me, I'd call it a reflector if it is a wire loop under the radiating
      loop. If it is a solid sheet of metal, or a wire mesh that extends
      well beyond the circumference of the loop, then I'd call it a ground

      Many people who do NVIS find a marked improvement when they lay a
      reflector wire or two underneath their dipole, either on or a few
      inches above the ground. It might not help everywhere, but enough
      people have said that it helps, that I think there must be something
      to it. At least one person put a knife switch in the middle of his
      reflector wire, so he could see just how much improvement it makes.

      Your results may vary depending on frequency, on dimensions (size and
      spacing), on distance from ground, and on your particular soil
      conditions. The latter might not model very accurately in EZNEC.

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