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7018Re: slinky versus T2FD

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  • Mike
    Jan 2, 2010
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      Hi Dean.
      I am a great fan of the T2FD, never put one in a loft mind but its an idea I have been thinking of.
      I am in no way tech in these things so a lot of suck it and see.

      My garden is 40 ft long and the T2FD just about fitted in I inverted "Ved" it as well, the spacing was 3ft, the tuning was 7-30 MHz I understand a spacing of 5 ft may have got me to 5 MHz must try that this summer, as to using a slinky the extra wire may do the trick over a distance of 40 ft and bigger spacing, bringing the freq down to 3/4 megs who knows.

      It was as I said a great antenna I got to Diego Garsear in the Indian Ocean on 10 watts beating a pile up on 20 Mt's.

      Your need a non terminating 680 ohm resistor hope you can get that OK or make one up from a pile of mixed resistors.

      You can buy ready made T2FD but the price is megger bucks.

      HERES A GOOD TIP, use overhead telephone line wire that the guys no longer want, its steel/copper I think! very strong.

      Hope this helps
      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "Dean Wayman" <dean_0_way@...> wrote:
      > I have been trying to figure out a way to get some wire up in my crawl-space on the second level of my house .
      > I am only interested in MW at the moment and the lower part of SW , I want the antenna that i make to be very quiet ,I found the plans for the T2FD antennas last night and think it would be very good ariel for me but in order to make one for 500-1700 Khz it looks like it should be on the order of 300 feet long? i don't have that much room. Iv'e read these are very broadband so maybe it would'nt need to be that long .
      > Then your setup with the slinkys got me thinking? does the extra wire in a slinky (being in a coil)act like a longer antenna ?
      > In other words ,because of the coils in the slinky is there more wire up than just the physical length of the slinky?
      > Another question i had ,is there a null with the flag antenna?
      > Anyway i would be very interested in how you made your antenna if you would like to post a diagram and specs?
      > Thanks
      > Dean_0
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