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6295Re: Okay, a new loop believer!

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  • airchecklover
    Feb 2, 2009
      Hey Bill - SOunds like you are having fun. I've had great results w/ a
      multi-turn loop on BCB w/ the 1103. Even barefoot it is an amazing
      performer. BTW, it still throws me for a 'loop' (sorry:) to see a 9
      callsign from Florida.

      -Mark (former WB9AQI - licensed in the 60s-70s)


      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "Bill" <harpman54@...> wrote:
      > At my bedside I have a Degen 1103 radio, actually a really nice little
      > radio that has MW and SW bands. You can actually 'fool' the radio into
      > starting at 0 khz and working up in frequency using an easy software
      > 'hack' but the lower khz segments below MW seem to have some
      > 'overload' from local stations if using either a long wire or anything
      > other than the internal ferrite antenna.
      > The neat thing about the radio is that IF you plug in an external
      > antenna, both the AM ferrite antenna and the telescoping SW antenna
      > are disconnected in favor of the external. Sooo, I decided to build a
      > little loop antenna and see if it made a difference.
      > I had on hand a wire spool for some ham coax (I am a ham op - KC9CS)
      > and took the spool apart because it had a nice sturdy 9" cardboard
      > tube. I cut about 2" off the tube and used this for my loop form. I
      > had some twin speaker line with tiny, probably 22 gauge wire which I
      > split lengthwise. It is solid core wire. I wound 22 turns of this on
      > the 9" tube. For a capacitor I had four small, identical 100pf
      > variable capacitors that I wired together, not wanting to pirate my
      > 365pf variables from either of my crystal sets. I wired up the input
      > cable and tried the new loop this afternoon about 5 pm, the sun was
      > still up here in west central Florida.
      > My first station I pulled in was in Atlanta! A full 500 miles distant
      > and still daylight. WOW! Now that it is evening, I'm experimenting and
      > listening with it starting at the low end of the MW band. WSM is an
      > easy catch from Nashville at 650 khz, which is about at far as I've
      > scanned yet. DX'ing from Florida is kind of tough because we get a LOT
      > of spanish stations from who knows where. Mexico is just across the
      > Gulf of Mexico, lots of spanish speaking Caribbean Islands too. What
      > impresses me with this antenna is how well it is regarding
      > directivity. Turn the antenna slowly and the signal drops out, another
      > pops up. Turn it back and the noise disappears, the desired station
      > jumps back in. I haven't noticed a lot of difference using the
      > capacitors yet, but I've only played with this antenna for about an
      > hour so far. I'm sure as I gain experience it will improve. Something
      > else dawned on me too....I don't remember paying much attention to
      > linking those 4 capacitors together -- whether they were all series
      > linked or series-paralleled. That WOULD make a difference, but
      > tomorrow will be time enough. In the meantime, I am amazed at the way
      > this little loop works.
      > bill
      > KC9CS
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