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6279Re: Okay, a new loop believer!

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  • gmcjetpilot
    Feb 1, 2009
      Not busting your chops Bill, you may be right, but....Are you sure
      BILL about the internal loop stick being cut out with the antenna
      input? I don't think so (I have a Degen 1103). On page 26 it says:

      "If FM or SW reception is too weak, use supplied extra- long
      external antenna to improve reception."

      I assume it does not mention MW. Here is the user manual.

      The manual says SW is from 1710 to 29999 khz. You are correct you can
      trick it to go below MW, but I did not know it would go below 100
      Khz. How do you do that.

      Also your antenna sounds cool, nice, could you take some pics & draw
      a diagram and post it in the pictures section. Thanks George

      > At my bedside I have a Degen 1103 radio, actually a really nice
      > radio that has MW and SW bands. You can actually 'fool' the radio
      > starting at 0 khz and working up in frequency using an easy software
      > 'hack' but the lower khz segments below MW seem to have some
      > 'overload' from local stations if using either a long wire or
      > other than the internal ferrite antenna.
      > The neat thing about the radio is that IF you plug in an external
      > antenna, both the AM ferrite antenna and the telescoping SW antenna
      > are disconnected in favor of the external.
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