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6037Re: [loopantennas] Help

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  • Gary Pewitt
    Dec 1, 2008
      Jim, do a google search for Select-A-Tenna I see one on Amazon.com but
      it's $99.00 which I think is ridiculous.
      I think I paid about $12.00 for mine used.
      I also see a Terk Technology version from $28.29.

      My select-a-tenna works very well with an ordinary AB broadcast receiver
      . When I tried it with my SuperRadio III it didn't help much as the
      radio has an rf amp and doesn't need the help.
      There is also a powered Super Select-A-Tenna but it costs $199.95 new.
      Should work quite well but I've never tried it.
      Lots more hits on that search. Good luck. 73 Gary N9ZSV

      jefeickert wrote:
      > I am looking for the loop antenna that is about 2" wide and is about
      > 8-12" dia.
      > and it sits close to a radio bring in stations.
      > I think they run around $60.00
      > JIM
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