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6024Re: Oldest Varicoupler Photo

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  • John
    Dec 1, 2008
      I found this group called the "Xtal Set Society" which published a
      picture of a 1922-vintage variometer in their May-98 newsletter.
      It's round, not square, but otherwise looks a lot like yours.

      Perhaps yours is even older.

      You might want to contact them and show them your photo. They can
      probably pinpoint the era it was made.

      --- af4ex wrote:
      > --- Herb WA1IBN wrote:
      > >
      > > I finally got the "Oldest varicoupler?" photo loaded.
      > > Am interested in comments.
      > Looks old Herb. Very old. I think you have just won the "Oldest
      > Variometer" contest! :-)
      > I'm assuming the rod on the side spins the rotor coil inside the
      > stationary coil, which appears to have two windings (in the
      > opening), which would make it functionally similar to the one I
      > Have you tried it out?
      > John/AF4EX
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