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5486Re: [loopantennas] New file uploaded to loopantennas

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  • gandalfg8@aol.com
    Aug 12, 2008
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      In a message dated 12/08/2008 02:34:20 GMT Daylight Time,
      dunstan@... writes:

      I found the picture very informative and interesting ... I have never seen
      'basket weave' done this way. In one way it is the same loop as mine ...
      but i fastened all the dowels by screwing them to a circular disk. It is
      not clear from the photo ... how do you fasten the dowels to the embroidery
      hoop ? I assume you drill a hole and pass through a screw of some
      sort. The weave then takes place on either side of the embroidery hoop.

      Hi Jim

      From the photo I would say that the dowels have slots cut in them to fit
      over the hoop and then screwed or glued in place, perhaps better the latter as
      that would avoid any metal content in the loop support.

      If you look closely you will see that the dowels protrude from one side of
      the loop only so the weave is also just on one side.

      It's certainly an attractive design.



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