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4997Re: [loopantennas] BENDING COPPER TUBING

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  • C. Beijersbergen
    Mar 1, 2008
      An alternative method for bending tubes is as follows ( I have never done it, but I remember from the text books):

      Close one end of the tube by soldering an end piece to it.
      Fill the tube completely with fine, dry sand.
      Compact the sand as much as possible, make sure the tube remains completely filled.
      Close the remaining end of the tube in the same manner.
      Now the tube can be bent, it will not kink in sharp bends.

      I remember to have seen a movie when I was a small boy about the fabrication of trombones, instead of sand oil was used. The closure of the ends of the tube was not done by soldering I suspect, but I can't recall those details.

      Cor Beijersbergen

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