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4994Re: [loopantennas] BENDING COPPER TUBING

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  • Brian Gerber
    Mar 1, 2008
      Use a tubing bender!

      It's a long spring type tool that goes over the full length of the bend, it keeps the tubing from going out of round!
      Lowe's, home depot etc...

      RICHARD JURKOWSKI <WB2WGX@...> wrote: The tube MAY kink if the bend is too sharp.
      When I raced model boats we would heat the copper
      tube with a bernzamatic torch until red hot then
      drop it into a bucket of water to cool.The part
      that was heated will be softer and bend easily
      without kinking.If desired it can be heated again
      and immersed into OIL to harden it up.
      Good Luck,
      Rich WB2WGX

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