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4631Re: Stupid antenna tricks

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  • cank13cat
    Jan 1, 2008
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      I think my copy of Carr's "Receiving Antenna Handbook" has a very
      similar scheme.

      I've been trying to avoid using a tuner, for the sake of ease in
      bandscanning, but I'm not sure that's practical. What I might end up
      doing is attaching a random wire and tuned loop to the receiver via a
      switchbox. Use the random wire just to check for signals in the clear
      and switch to the tuned/tunable loop to improve reception, reduce
      noise, etc.

      As a photographer I've accumulated way too many tripods. I'll
      probably dedicated one of 'em to a loop stand. The nearly infinitely
      adjustable angles should make it handy for reorienting a loop to
      minimize local noise.

      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "Ray Phillips" <ray@...> wrote:
      > Why not try a skirting board loop antenna?
      > In your largest room, run one or more turns of multi-stranded,
      > copper wire (speaker cable should be OK) around the outside of the
      room up
      > against the skirting board. Or one or more turns around the outside of
      > the room under the carpet. Because a loop's capture ability is a
      > of its area, you get the maximum indoors catch area, in the warm, in an
      > inconspicuous fashion. A 4 foot loop resonant at about 4 MHz will
      have a
      > gain in the region of about -15 dB. A skirting board loop resonant
      at the
      > same frequency can have a gain approaching 4 dB...
      > (snip)
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