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  • mhatlau
    Dec 2, 2007
      Good Guess. And that is exactly what I tried. Loaded down the R-392
      input tuned circuits, so I went to Plan 9 ;) Opened up a $.50
      Yard-Sale Special transistor radio and pulled the one inch ferite
      antenna out of it. Then ripped out the useless miniature audio jack
      and hooked a BNC connector up to the ferite loop. Cut a hole in the
      back of the Select-A-Tenna so I could put it inside, about three
      inches from the loop and at right angles to it with Epoxy. The nice
      thing about it is that now the pick-up loop has a high enough
      impedance that it does not load down the R-392, yet is decoupled
      enough I get really sharp tuning.

      P.S. For those not in the Computer Business, 'Plan 9' is a synonym
      for either a REALLY bad hack, or a REALLY good hack. For example, the
      first multi-user operating system capable of being fitted into a cheap
      personal computer was OS-9, renamed from Plan-9. The writers of WIN
      98 and Apple Mac borrowed heavily from it. And Radio Shack used it
      for their Color Computer.

      The expression hearkens back to Ed Woods Classic 'Plan 9 from Outer
      Space', a movie so bad, it was great! To quote some reviews; "This is
      one of the best of the worst films of all time. Poor production
      values, terrible acting, worse directing, and dialog that has to be
      heard to be believed, combine to create a cinematic gem. This is a
      movie that has absolutely no redeeming qualities. "Plan 9" is so full
      of great badness that to detail all the goofs, flubs, and cheesiness
      would require remaking the entire movie. The cemetery is a
      weed-infested lot; an airline cockpit set is a shower curtain, some
      plywood and a couple chairs; a cop scratches his head with the
      business end of a gun barrel; the outside of the space ship has a
      ladder that goes nowhere; the spaceship is a hubcap suspended on a
      string...which catches fire at one point; the plan itself, that is,
      plan number 9, makes no sense at all. And on and on and on..."

      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, Richards <jruing@...> wrote:
      > Hey Mr. mhatlau -- Why don't you make your own separate
      > pickup loop and just tape it to the outside of the Select-a-Tenna
      > plastic case, and wire it to the radio, or an inductive coupler?
      > That would, I think, sufficiently de-couple the pickup loop from
      > the coil inside... n'est ce pas?
      > Happy Trails. /// Richards - KD8JHR ///
      > ===========================================
      > mhatlau wrote:
      > I have to use the built-in pick-up
      > > coil, which is an isolated turn on the same plane as the primary coil
      > > in the Select-A-Tenna. Unfortunately, this is too closely coupled
      > > with the Select-A-Tenna coil, so the low impedance of the R-392
      > > antenna input shorts out the tank circuit in the Select-A-Tenna,
      > > making it useless.
      > ================================================
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