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4228Polyvaricon question

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  • EB2CWS
    Nov 1, 2007
      Hello folks,

      I have got a Mitsumi polyvaricon capacitor to install in my new homebrew
      loop antenna.

      The model is PVC-22J20TI (obsolete), so there is not any datasheet in the

      The problem I have right now is that I don't know which connections of the
      to use, so I would be very glad if anyone can help.

      This polyvaricon seems to have two stages, one for FM and the other one for
      (it was designed for an SW receiver). There are 8 connections, 4 of them
      as follows: C1, C2, FC1 and FC2. Is suppose that C1 and C2 belong to the AM
      stage and FC1, FC2 to the FM stage.

      If you see the main connections side of the box, they are distributed as

      Upper part: C1 ----- "Pin 1" ----- C2

      Lower part: FC1 --- "Pin 2" ---- FC3

      Rotating the condenser 90 degrees to see other side, just above C1 there is
      another "Pin 3" and above
      C2 another "Pin 4".

      I would like to use the capacitor for my tuned loop, so the question is
      pins should I use to take advantage of the variable capacitance to tune
      the antenna at different frequencies, and also use the maximum capacitance
      possible to reach the lowest HF frequencies.

      I can take a picture of the Polyvaricon and send it to you if necessary.

      Thanks and best 73!

      Ismael - EB2CWS - Madrid (Spain).

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