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396A temporary farewell from the gccloopantenna group ---

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  • Bruce Carter
    Feb 3, 2005
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      I received the following email from Adam, the moderator of the other
      loop antenna list that disappeared today:
      "I have something that I want to bring up to you and others in the
      group of gccloopantennadesign. Next time I will display my groups
      in on my website, and not post them anymore on the groups since
      people think it was not neccessary, I still love to hobby and I want
      to keep it alive like old times sake. So I am adding a new group to
      my webpage and if you are interested you can add this good website
      to your site if you want.
      thats the best that I can do for now.

      If you want to learn more about the upcoming group that the
      the GCC electronics engineering hobbyists are coming out here is the
      new address, but I would like to have everyones
      contribution such as pics, and files, and also projects and
      links. Please understand that we all make mistakes and
      yahoo told me over the phone that violated terms of service
      and I will just post my groups only on my website since my
      webskill are getting better.


      Please understand that this group is going to be under
      construction until things improve in the long run.

      Adam E. gccengineering@...
      And that is the story on the other group. Thanks to Adam for
      keeping it going long enough for us to download the content. So I
      guess this is the only loop antenna group for the time being.
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