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3955Re: Don't mention "C Crane" or "Twin Coil Ferrite Loop"

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  • Steve B.
    Sep 3, 2007
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      There is no federal distinction between tradename and trademark. They
      both fall under trademark law. A simple search can be done by anyone


      There is NO registered federal trademark (simple or design) for
      either "C. Crane" or "Twin coil ferrite loop"

      Registered federal copyrights can be searched by anyone at:


      There is NO registered federal copyright of either "C. Crane"
      or "Twin coil ferrite loop"

      Steve B.

      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, Richards <jruing@...> wrote:
      > Not so, Dick Tracy...
      > You have forgotten there are "trade names" and "trade marks" and
      > lots of registered marketing trade phrases and logos. Remember how
      > Paris Hilton wanted to patent or register (i.e. protect) some little
      > ditty like, "That's Hot" and got all cheesed off because the govt
      > that was just a bit too vague and already had a public use -
      > not unique to her or any product she was peddling. But you can
      > a trade name for a person's name or even a phrase (if it is
      > unique and not already having a secondary meaning or usage).
      > ========== Richards =============
      > ===============================================================
      > >> > Steve said =
      > The first is the
      > > guy's name (someone's name is not trademarkable) and the second is
      > > merely descriptive (which is also not trademarkable).
      > ==============================================================
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