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3712Re: WL1030 kit

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  • Jeroen Kloppenburg
    Jul 1, 2007
      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "Fraser" <fraser.castle@...>
      > I wrote and recieved the same prompt response. The response suggested
      > that the WL1030 loop may become available as a built loop. In some ways
      > this is good but in others it is a pity as I would wish to DIY the loop
      > in order to keep the costs down A fully built loop with all the
      > associated production costs and profit margins could end up with a cost
      > close to that of the Wellbrook ALA1530. Given that choice I would have
      > to go with the Wellbrook as it has a well proven track record.

      Hmm what I understood from Johan in the contact we had over the past
      week (quite extensive at times) is that its about delivering parts so
      you'll still be building it yourself. But maybe plans have changed, I
      don't know. I know quite sure that things are not yet set in stone,
      hence I said any interested member of this (and other) group should
      email them and express your interest ;)

      DIY would be far more fun anyway. Anyone can buy a rx and antenna and
      start receiving, building it really has its charm. And aside from
      that, you can modify the antenna to suit your specific needs. The
      building group we set up will release info with modifications later on
      the page. Mods will include frequency changed due to different
      ferrite's and windings, other cases, etc. Personally I have plans to
      make an ala100 type of box for vacations for example, along with one
      base model which will go on top of the roof here.
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