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352Re: [loopantennas] Information on Loop Antennas Wanted

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  • Jim Dunstan
    Jan 8, 2005
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      At 07:52 AM 1/7/05 -0800, you wrote:
      I only used one "T" copper pipefitting, which
      connected the two, 10-foot long sections of 3/4 inch
      copper pipe. I used a conduit bender to form the loop
      and used 22-degree (+ or -) angles for a total of 16
      bends. This is closer to a circle and hence the
      efficiency is increased slightly. The reason for this
      is the 22 or 23-degree angles are much easier to
      obtain than a 45-degree bend on the copper pipe and
      there are no fittings to buy and solder and less
      chance for a bad solder job. The only joint is for the
      "T" which does two jobs. One is to connect the two
      lengths of pipe and two is making available a place
      for the motor power wires run inside the pipe to have
      a nice place to exit the pipe. Having been an
      electrician it was easy for me to bend the pipe. If
      you can find a local ham with a pipe bender to help
      you out if you do it this way it will save you a lot
      of time and money as you wont need to buy a bender and
      you wont need to buy some cheap 3/4 inch EMT conduit
      to practice on.                   

      That is a good idea.  It never occurred to me to simply bend two 10' pieces of rigid pipe to make 2 halfs of a loop.  I don't have any of the equipment you mentioned, but I am retired from the local community college and i can go over to the shop and get them bent for me no problem .... a retirement fringe benefit.  When I get them up to the apartment balcony I will just have to solder the Tee joint.  I will invent some sort of frame to mount the loop and the tuning capacitor.  At this time I don't think I am going to undertake the manufacture of a high voltage tuning capacitor ... however, the fixed tuned idea using trimmed coax might be a starting point.  I am active on psk which doesn't need a lot of QSYing.

      Tnx ... Jim

      Jim Dunstan, VE3CI
      Thunder Bay, ON

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