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305Re: new guy questions/capacitors

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  • Carl Roberts
    Dec 10, 2004
      Variable air caps are getting hard to find. I just ordered 5 5 gang
      425pF from Fair Radio Sales $17ea. They used to carry a half a dozen
      different styles but they are down to only this one. You can always
      use only one or parallel them. If you parallel them they directly
      add. two would be 850 pF. A lot of loops quote 365pF so this would
      give a lot of room to experiment. BTW for remote tuning a NTE618 will
      give about 450pF at 1.5v bias. A good place to dive in is
      mindspring.com/~loop_antenna/ Just follow the links and a lot of
      examples will help understanding .
      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, "chris" <win762308@y...> wrote:
      > hi there,am new to the group.I do have the "basics" down on some
      > loop designs but am a little lost on capacitors.Am planning on
      > building a 2 foot loop from pvc that will be tilted.I just recieved
      > a 9-365 pf capacitor from surplussales.This capacitor seems
      > real "small"compared to the others i`ve seen on plans from the
      > net.After doing more searching i see that the 2 gang capacitors are
      > used a lot.
      > My question is,what value of dual gang should i get and where?
      > when i do get it,how do i go about hooking it up? I read about
      > hooking them together and so on to gain more capacitance(tie them
      > together?).Is this what i want to do? I`ve also read about wiring
      > a switch on the 2 gang and am real lost now.
      > oceanstate electronics sells a 2 gang 14-380pf capacitor tied
      > together to get 760pf.Is this something i want?
      > I built a small loop from mtm with great results and now want to
      > do a 2 foot as well as a 4 foot.These will be used for the am bcb.
      > thanks in advance and hope my early questions are not too
      > annoying.....
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