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  • aimo ruoho
    Feb 1, 2007
      Why not buy them all?
      Anyway, the Chinese will copy them all very soon, and they will cost a lot less!

      nonlinear@... wrote: the 5 metre loop looks a bit tough

      what about the 1 metre loop but mounted higher up and still on a rotator?

      does the height equalize wrt the 5 metre's DX ability?

      if you spending these kind of bucks you want the right decision for sure!!

      (btw:always wanted a wellbrook loop but would cost about 500$ CDN I figure to get one here so I just dream)


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      Yes. I did ask Wellbrook about it. Also about the use
      of a compacted loop as in our friend's application. I
      thought this model used a loop of about 3-5 meters on a
      side. I am wondering how I would deploy such a 5-meter
      on a side loop in my new backyard... I liked the way
      our compatriot compacted the loop and asked Wellbrook
      if it would perform as well as the original design.

      I will post up what they say, if anything. So far, they
      are kinda pushing me to the 1530+ as the one to get, as
      opposed to the more expensive ALA 330. (I asked them to
      identify their best SW antenna, indicating I only occasionally
      look for MW DX) and they mentioned the ALA 330, but also
      pushed the lower cost ALA 1530+, claiming it had 18 dB
      greater gain.

      So... I cannot make up my mind.

      ////////// Richards /////////
      ============ ========= ========= ========= ========= =======

      nonlinear@rogers. com wrote:

      > Have you tried asking wellbrook directly?

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