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  • Rob Moore
    Feb 1, 2007

      I bellieve that the main benefit of the ALA-1530+ is the extended
      frequency range - to 100Mhz as quoted on the Wellbrook site. 18db
      "additional" gain over the ALA-1530 doesn't sound right, considering
      that the ALA-1530 has around 12db of gain if I remember correctly.
      They also talk about increased IP3 strong signalimage rejection for
      the ALA-1530+.


      --- In loopantennas@yahoogroups.com, Richards <jruing@...> wrote:
      ... but also
      > pushed the lower cost ALA 1530+, claiming it had 18 dB
      > greater gain.
      > So... I cannot make up my mind.
      > ////////// Richards /////////
      > =======================================================
      > nonlinear@... wrote:
      > > Have you tried asking wellbrook directly?
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