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2648Re: Question About AM Loops

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  • Bruce Carter
    Oct 2, 2006
      > I'm trying to understand this loop thing conceptually. Given the

      Loops are magnetic field antennas instead of electrostatic field
      antennas. The larger the area of the loop, the more lines of magnetic
      flux it intercepts. That is why a ferrite bar antenna works - the
      ferrite concentrates magnetic flux in what would ordinarily be a loop
      that is too small to be effective.

      Having never built a beverage antenna for these frequencies due to lack
      of space, I can't really speak to why it works. However, I suspect it
      is because - even with low gain - it is large enough to intercept the
      magnetic flux. It is therefore a great broadband solution, if you have
      the land to construct it.

      The smaller tuned loops we discuss here take advantage of parallel
      resonant bandpass filter characterisitics to have gain.
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