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2520Loop antenna for car radio

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  • Craig Cochran
    Sep 1, 2006
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      I am thinking about using a 24" X 30" tuned loop (that I already own)
      to serve as an antenna for a car radio. Actually the radio will be set
      up in my office with a power supply, and the loop will be placed
      outside the building. I plan on using a single turn wrapped around the
      loop. I will connect the single turn to 75 ohm coax to bring the signal
      to the car radio. Do I need a balun or transformer to get best

      To begin with I will just have to go outside to tune the loop! But I
      probably won't change frequencies very often! There is so much computer
      generated RF noise in the office, trying to listen to even local AM
      radio is frustrating.
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