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1978Re: [loopantennas] Source for PEX

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  • Paul Birke
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Yes I did find some pex but the 1/2" id is just less
      than the 1/2" on the amidon 61 4" rods

      got a small roll of vinyl 7/8 x 1/2" which works but
      curls so I am still looking for a tube for my sw
      ferrite rod experiments

      but thanks for your suggestion


      --- Briggs Longbothum <bruggo@...> wrote:

      You might also check with local heating and plumbing
      contractors. PEX
      is used for "in-floor" heating systems and if they've
      ever done one,
      they invariably would have some left over. A friendly
      phone call and
      a cuppacawfee when you get there would be a likely
      trade for a a few
      feet of leftover tubing. Hey, ya never know!

      If you've got links, post them in the Links section!

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      Photos only allows everyone (except the uploader and
      moderators) to see a max of 300x400.

      Put them in the appropriate folder, or create one.


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