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1211Re: material for inductive loop

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  • Bruce Carter
    Nov 1, 2005
      > Dear Group,
      > I am designing an inductive loop antenna for an 13.56 MHz RFID
      > application. (I will probably have the loops etched onto a pcb)

      Funny - I was just doing that for a customer a couple of minutes
      ago! First of all - resist the temptation to go too narrow on the
      PCB traces to get the Q down. You can trim the Q with a resistor in
      parallel. Secondly, make the loop as large as you possibly can.
      These magnetic loops are very inefficient as it is due to their
      small dimensions. Couple that with the low Q's required for this
      sort of thing, and you have one really lame antenna. Of course all
      you want is a few inches most of the time, but more range / better
      reception is almost always desirable.

      Matching always comes up - don't. Do a good loop design, tune it
      with your receiver board and cable attached and powered up. I have
      some really good strategies for tuning without the measuring
      instrument affecting the tuning - if you aren't a competitor or
      something I'll be happy to share with you.
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