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10699Re: Pixel loop antenna problem

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  • kb8nty
    Jul 21, 2014
      Hey Chris,

      Thank you for your reply...appreciated.
      If you wish to move ahead and try to get into amateur radio, google ARRL. This is an organization all about amateur radio, and if & when you have any further questions or wish to move ahead feel free to contact me, I will offer you what help I can..I'm 57 here and forced to be disabled after working all my life then due to multiple back surgeries and related issues, & then get a supprize leukemia diagnosis.uggh...

      Love all things radio, and first started listening to AM, and tried to get all 50 states. I also really enjoy nighttime AM talk radio.
      I had driven my van from Cleveland,Ohio down to Corpus Christi, Texas and back eight times on our family vacations. After all day driving my wife & daughter would fall asleep and I would listen & tune the AM stations as I drove across the country, when I hear the late night AM talk radio now, it takes me back to those days!..We ended up moving to Corpus, but moved back to Cleveland as my wife became homesick.

      After AM listening, I went to shortwave listening, CB, then took part in 11 meter sideband in the very early 70's, keeping on the illegal theme, I then wired up an military ARC-5 transmitter and ran a bootleg AM radio station, transmitting pretty far even into Canada. Then went straight and got my novice license in ham radio in 1973.

      I think you would enjoying transmitting as much as you do listening, there is something in amateur radio that should match your interest!

      Back to the loop...sorry for getting off course there...Looks like I'm going to purchase the 1530 as you did. I have done lots of research and you picked a winner, happy to hear of your success. I will also use a rotor, the loop is not so much directional as it having a quite sharp null.
      The rotor will allow you to null out interference as well as other stations, at times you can tune in a AM station, then on the same frequency turn your rotor around and the station you were listening to will fade out and the loop will pick up another station...right on the same frequency!...Very cool!

      Thanks again for your information on your wellbrook loop, with the new design you should enjoy years of enjoyment. Keep the group updated, and your pic's would be enjoyed by many.

      Have good evening friend...

      Ross  KB8NTY

      http://www.rossradio.net  ground radial website
      https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/groundradial/info  ground radial conversation-join in!


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