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10692Four Tuned Air Loop Antennas For Sale

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  • everettsharp74
    Jul 19, 2014

      I have four, very unique and one of a kind, tuned air core loop antennas for sale, each of the loops are hexagonal shaped and are works of art. They are made from quarter sawn Red Oak and wound with 330/46 Litz wire. They are each mounted on Lazy Susan's. They have high Q Russian variable capacitors with a 3:1 reduction drive and have coupling loops that are connected to a matching transformer to give a 50 ohm output. Two of the loops are 1 meter in size, one is for MW covering 470 to 1745 KHz, the other 1 meter loop in for LW covering from 150 to 630 KHz.
      One of the loops is a dual band design, covering 480 to 1960 KHz and the second band covers 1870 to 4480 KHz. The smallest loop is the equivalent of a 2' box loop, but is hexagonal shaped and covers the MW band.  
      I will not ship any of these loop antennas, as they could be easily damaged in shipment. I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, so any buyer would have to pick them up at my home. If anyone has interest in any of these antennas and needs more information and pictures please email me off list, everettsharp (at) A O L.
      Everett N8CNP

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