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  • hikeofyourlife
    Jul 12, 2014

      So many little projects left undone. I did something of a workaround here and it made a big difference

      I have a approx 100-foot random wire here in SoCal I use for AM BCB and shortwave. I wanted something to help me with HFDL because my house is underneath power lines and everything is quite noisy. I alligator-clipped the input from the antenna to my 30-inch loop antenna inside, back out from THAT loop (which makes my BCB radio work great with no tuning) to my shortwave receiver (DX-440) and audio from that to PC-HFDL to decode airplane transmissions. Another wire from ground on shortwave radio to ground rod outside.

      I'm packing up to move so I won't build a preselector till next month but in lieu of that I also added alligator clips to my 1-meter loop made from fridge tubing and an air cap from an old AM-FM stereo. One clip from random wire to cap, from cap to 1M loop, then from loop to ground. Somewhat of a preselector, I guess, but I've at least doubled my HFDL decodes thanks to much lower S/N ratio. Still missing some transmissions, maybe an amp is next in line. Learning as I go here.

      Vince in SoCal soon to be much farther north

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