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  • Andrew Ikin
    Jul 10, 2014

      Hello Group,



      Here is a post I put on the Yahoo ALA1530 and Wellbrook Groups last month; less the pricing info. for the retro-fit loop amplifier.


      For the past 17 years the ALA1530 and similar 1m diameter aluminium loops have been constructed with an integral amplifier. There are over 6000 units in service. The current failure rate is approximately 20 loops per year, which is reasonable for a total running time of 300 million hours.


      A third of these failures are due to miss use. The rest are component related or brakes in the amplifier/connexion due wind load mechanical stress on the loop.


      However, when a failure does occur the user has been faced with a purchase of the new loop plus a relatively high shipping cost for overseas customers.


      Therefore, as of April 2014 the mechanical design has been improved to afford increased reliability and to facilitate ease of servicing:

      The amplifier is now housed in a separate module, thus isolating the electronics from the mechanical stress caused by wind loading on the loop. The amplifier to loop wire terminations use tin plated silicone insulated wire and crimp terminals rated down to –40 Celsius.  The module sits on top of the loop box and is secured by stainless steel screws.


      The amplifier module can be easily replaced in the event of a failure without the customer having to purchase a new loop antenna plus the associated high shipping costs.


      A new retrofit amplifier is now available for pre April 2014 loops and is now on the new Wellbrook website; listed under Components.


      The amplifier is available for the following rigid loop antennas:









      The supplied module will be of the latest design. However, only an ALA1530 module will be supplied for the ALA1530+. This is because the new ALA1530 has a lower noise figure and improved loop/amp. frequency related impedance tracking.


      The price is GBP70.00 or USD120.00 at the current exchange rate, plus postage.


      This amplifier is easy to fit and replaces a previous design.
      Kind regards


      Andrew Ikin e-mail: sales@...
      URL: http://www.wellbrook.uk.com

      Wellbrook Communications
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