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10663Re: [loopantennas] A bit OT: new delay line kit

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  • lz1aq
    Jul 2, 2014

      Hi Andy,
      I agree that there are different ways to do the job. But what I want to emphasize is that I do not want to control the line from the shack – the idea is to fix it when you tune your array  and then to forget about it. The serial line control just changes the directions and modes.

      You are right that 2-element array is the simplest directional antenna.  I can built 4-square or bigger array  with active elements but the only problem is that my yard is only with  15  x 16 m size  and I believe that there are too many hams with small yards. And I can say that there is quite a difference between 2-element and a single antenna.  

      73 Chavdar

      Lz1aq@...    www.lz1aq.signacor.com


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