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10662Re: [loopantennas] A bit OT: new delay line kit

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  • lz1aq
    Jul 2, 2014
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      Hi Rick,
      1. I know your publications and have included them into Links section of my article http://www.lz1aq.signacor.com/docs/phased-array/2-ele_phased_array11.pdf
      My mind is full with information of different kind (mostly garbage) and  I realy do not know wheather some of my ideas are realy mine :-(  Moreover the human brain usually refuse to accept unpleasant facts.

      2. I have by my side a military automatic antenna tuner (with relays) which was built with radix 1.8. But I think that this delay line does not need that. The idea is to fix the delay to certain value that corresponds to the available distance in your yard.Moreover, the optimal delay is not critical  - see my measurements in the above article. Let say you have available  distance of 13 m between elements,  then you fix the line to 40 ns delay (+ - 2.5 ns tolerance) and that is all. It works.
      73 Chavdar
      lz1aq@...   LZ1AQ's page for SDR Radio and Active Loop Antenna


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