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10650Using AVA5-50 for an Active Loop

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  • jbblack68
    Jul 1 5:03 AM
      I posted this in the MagLoop group and realized I may have been asking the wrong group.

      If memory serves, there is a scrap piece of AVA5-50 (roughly two coils ~4' in diameter) leaned against the wall of my office. It was just left over from a job and is too short for anything up a tower and too cumbersome for use inside a m/w station.

      For some time, I have been toying with the idea of building an active loop antenna for roughly 10 - 80m. I'm not a big contester. When I have time, I compete with myself. Usually, I operate from 40 - 20m. However, I do not believe I am using the full potential of my K3 (I probably never will ;) ) in an SO2R setting. I *do* have the second receiver. I'd like to be able to use it more and get what I paid for out of the transceiver.

      Of all the plans available, from what do most folks have the best results?

      AVA5-50 is the replacement for LDF5-50 so it is 7/8" hardline. This particular piece has the hollow conductor (newer AVA5-50 has a foam-filled conductor that we so unceremoniously found out in the field one day and had the wrong connectors). There may be enough coiled up to build two antennas.

      I am open to suggestions.

      Joel - W4JBB