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10646Re: Shielded Resonant HF Loop

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  • compu_friend
    Jun 23, 2014

      I just scanned your text here and seen your doing something maybe that can really cut down on your reception..  If you have the loop totally covered all the way around it will conduct and make a big conducting loop around your antenna that will interfere with reception.. So go up to the top side, or really anywhere in the circle, and cut a small gap that is not touching anywhere around it . dividing the circle into a broken circle.. to make like a C shape around the loop.  The E field will still be shielded and it cant conduct away your signals now..  The first time I ran in to this was with a lightning radar antenna where I did the same thing and wondered why it was so far down in sensitivity..Then some one clued me in on the shield being non contentious around it that way..It made a heck of a difference on my antenna.

      Gerru. WB5TXA
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