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10634RE: [loopantennas] Any clue ?

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  • dx11
    Jun 21 5:43 AM


      Eigenbau is german and it  means DIY or homemade.

      The description is limited, but I think it is a tuned loop with three windings. Diameter is only 50 cms. Because a power cable (230V) is mentioned it will probably be an passive antenna with a remote motor drive for the tuning capacitor. In Germany there is a supplier of more or less identical antennas, I just can’t remember the name. The small loop is a pick-up loop I guess.


      Cor Beijersbergen PA4Q


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      Hi all,


      On www.ebay.de there is currently sort of  loop antenna which puzzles me a bit:


      It's certainly home made. Never seen this shape before.

      Any clue what it can be and how it works ?

      See you



      Normandy, France


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