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Re: [loopantennas] RE: air core loop antenna balun

  • phil blast
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      Thanks Ross, if you still have the details saved that would be a great help, he has nothing on Ebay at the moment I have already checked, I have pondered over this for a while now about using a 4:1 balun which is meant for 200 ohms down to 50 on a loop that is from 125 to 130 ohms or around there depending on how its deployed, it leaves the match way below the required 50 ohms, even a 3:1 would be better but could not find any details on building them? I am in the middle of moving qth at the moment but once settled I intend to try a few experimental windings and see if I can get close myself, about the global shipping on Ebay last year I was looking to purchase a build yourself switchable low pass filter board with all the components from over the pond and the seller told me the USA was not yet signed up for it so shipping was still expensive? if they have now it will make things a whole lot easier as there is so much over there which we do not have in the UK radio wise and I am desperate for a new battery for my Yaesu FT51r handy which is not available in the UK (the battery) but abundant in the US even in the newer chemical formats but they will not be allowed to be shipped as they are liquid gel.
      Phil M6MRP

      On Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 4:55, "kb8nty@..." <kb8nty@...> wrote:
      I have also been following this fellow and his balun.
      Seems the reviews are quite positive and yes the balun ratio seems to be more in-line with matching a loop's resonance. Hard to be 100% sure though!
      A bit back he posted the actual details and winding diagram, but checking back to help answer your request, I notice he has taken those specifics off his site and eBay, but still includes all the swr plots etc.

      I'm thinking I had bookmarked that information...I will try to look and see if it's still there for you.
      On a brighter note as an established eBay top rated and power seller, I do know eBay had set up a global shipping program!...This makes the out of US purchasing and shipping much less expensive...However the big issue is the eBay seller needs to sign up to take part in this program, don't know why he wouldn't as it really don't cost the seller all that much more to take part, and it allows exposure to sell world-wide right on eBay.
      Take a look on his eBay listings, don't recall his eBay handle, but you can search the item, I think it's called the AG6IF talented balun, and also loop antenna as he sells the balun alone or with the loop antenna wire.
      His listing will say if it's set up for eBays global shipping program, if not you can message him-through eBay and request he set it up.

      It will sure be less expensive shipping using the global shipping program, than buying and shipping through normal channels.

      I'll look to see if I still have his balun design details bookmarked, but may take a few days as I'm in and out of my QTH here recently.

      Good Luck Friend!

      Ross  -KB8NTY-

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