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10500Re: [loopantennas] N3FJP's Nested Loop article 2014 March QST

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  • kb8nty
    Feb 17, 2014


      Hello-sure didn't mean to get you upset...sorry if so.

      Just with good intentions I wanted to share, some may have been more receptive to it.

      Having said that-do know I for one personally value your vast-proven knowledge-especially regarding loops-radials etc,

      You and I had been exchanging messages regarding your "remote tuned" loop design. Last communication was this past November. I had expressed great interest in a design favoring 80-40-30 meters, you had referenced a 10' and 20' design, with a few tweaks-eliminations of a few diodes. conversation ended with you stating you were field testing this modified design and was going to check performance of the modified circuit with the 10' loop and also a 20' which would also include 160m!

      I had continually expressed my interested, but requested for you work on it only as you could. Very last message you said possibly over that weekend you may give it a field test...My concerns all along were I wanted you to accommodate my request truly at your convenience as I know you remain busy, I was sincere in my interest request, but after November I received no further communication?

      I didn't want to harass you or bother you, so I have sat back, checking often for any follow-up reply with your findings. When I seen your reply to my QST nested loop post, I thought it may be an opportunity to touch base once more in the interest and hopes of some positive findings, allowing to move ahead.

      Please follow-up if you wish-off list possibly would be best, I am good on QRZ, or at jrl@...

      It was good to see you in there-although sure didn't mean to create a problem with my post. Was just trying to pass on the article to others to view and digest.

      Thank you Rick, for working with me on my previous interest in your remotely tuned receiving loop and my inquire we previously had been exchanging communication up till November 2013....Thinking something may had come up, so was relieved to see your recent active post- as now I know all is ok on your end friend.

      Kind Regards Rick.

      Ross  -KB8NTY-


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