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10497Re: [loopantennas] N3FJP's Nested Loop article 2014 March QST

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  • Richard (Rick) Karlquist
    Feb 17, 2014
      Yet another worthless QST antenna article.
      This is nothing new, it is just the driven element
      from a quad antenna. Lightning Bolt sold a 5
      band quad 30 years ago. Only they wisely used
      fiberglass spreaders, instead of PVC. PVC is a
      terrible structural material. They also wisely
      used a broadband transformer instead of bandwidth
      limiting 75 ohm sections. The article claims
      there is no interaction between elements. I
      don't know how the author arrived at this, but
      I modeled this configuration a few years ago
      and found that there is substantial interaction
      especially on 10 meters. And I modeled it with
      relays at the feed points to open up the unused
      loops. As described in QST, it would have even
      more interaction.

      Rick N6RK

      On 2/14/2014 9:17 PM, kb8nty@... wrote:
      > Check out N3FJP's Loop antenna article in the new 2014 March QST issue.
      > Don't have it yet, it's also now on ARRL website. Interesting read...
      > -73- Ross -KB8NTY-
      > www.rossradio.net <http://www.rossradio.net>
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