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10490Re: [loopantennas] Loop Antenna Balun

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  • maxwellmclellan
    Feb 14, 2014
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      Harry, I have used an untuned loop about 90 feet circumference ( a two turn loop sides 6 metres x 2 metres, hung under the eaves at this QTH.) The plane of the loop North/South used it to listen to the Sydney Hobart Yacht race. Armchair copy, you could almost swell the salt air! Positioning it on the roof may make it susceptable to mains bourne QRN. Could you position it under the eaves of the building Am not sure what a HOA is. Give it a go, temporarily  at first, if it's OK make it permanent. Tuned loops need to be say 1/3 to1/4 wavelength and brought to resonance capacitivly. An untuned loop will have a basic resonance derived from its native inductance and capacitance. Again give it a go. Regards Max VK2TTI

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      Fri, 14 Feb 2014 18:03:06 -0800
      Re: [loopantennas] Loop Antenna Balun


      A 100 foot long receive loop makes no sense. Receive loops
      need to be less than 1/3 wavelength at the highest frequency,
      which would limit you to 3 MHz. You should probably be looking
      at a Pixel or Wellbrook loop, 3 foot diameter. You should
      be able to deploy that even in an HOA.

      Rick N6RK

      On 2/14/2014 10:12 AM, hmholden69@... wrote:
      > I live in an area that has HOA rules against outdoor sw antennas. I
      > think my best bet is a stealth loop antenna laid directly on the roof.
      > It would be trapezoidal in shape and about 100 feet long. I want to feed
      > the receiver with small coax {RG 174}. I want to make a balun on a
      > ferrite rod or air core type. I have some torrid cores but go crazy
      > trying to wind them. Any ideas on the ratio I need {4:!, 9:1, etc} and a
      > place to get plans for winding.This will be a receive only antenna.
      > Harry

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