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10386Re: [loopantennas] Searching for a very low noise wideband loop preamp

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  • Horacio Nigro
    Jan 9, 2014
      You were right. My mistake. But with José I was talking about an amplifying device for FM, it was in another YG reflector, and I mixed-up things. Sorry. HI!.


      2014/1/9 Todd Roberts <toddroberts2001@...>

      I agree with Brian, I have had excellent results with the M0AYF broadband loop design.
      Easy to build, uses only 2 transistors, unconditionally stable. Many people have
      reported it works very well for them. Much less expensive to build your own versus
      the Wellbrook or Pixel loops.
      73, Todd WD4NGG
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      From: brian nsl <brian.nsl@...>
      To: loopantennas <loopantennas@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wed, Jan 8, 2014 3:16 pm
      Subject: Fw: [loopantennas] Searching for a very low noise wideband loop preamp

               I would recommend that you look at this loop antenna out of interest.
      1. A Wide Bandwidth Active Loop Receiving Antenna. - QSL.net

        Broad Bandwidth Loop Antenna. ... The best performing receive antenna tested was an
      2. active loop design by John (G8CQX) upon which my .... 73,s. Des (M0AYF)
      There are many ' imitations ' around but it does really work and is cheap to build.
      Good luck with your project.
                                                  Regards for 2014,
                                                       72, Brian, GØNSL.
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      Subject: [loopantennas] Searching for a very low noise wideband loop preamp


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