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  • loopantennas@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1, 2014
      Active AM Antenna With Twin Coil Ferrite by C. Crane Co.

      JLKolb�s antenna links including the KRS AA-1 Active Antenna schematic, antenna preamplfiers, center-tapped loops, and a dual gate FET preselector.

      Directional Terminated MW/LW Loop by WellBroook (UK)
      K9AY is the Remote Controlled Variable Termination; Provides a Cardioid Reception Pattern with up to 30dB Gain Front-to-Back; Uses Two Delta Loops.

      Kiwa - High Performance MW Air-Core Loop Antenna
      High Performance MW Air-Core Loop Antenna by KIWA

      Palomar Engineers Loop Antennas LW-MW-SW2
      Palomar's Loop Antenna gives superb performance on the AM medium-wave broadcast band. The loop rotates and tilts to give deep nulls so you can eliminate local interference. It also allows you to null out a station and listen to another one on the same frequency.

      The Quantum loop antennas, now V2.0

      Terk AM loop at Amazon.com
      Here is a place you can buy yourself a TERK AM loop antenna, even some other stuff that is kind of off topic to talk about. 73

      WL1030 by the late Maartenhagg. Plans placed on this website by his friends in his honor.

      C Crane Company
      They sell the Justice AM Loop Antenna, Select A Tenna, Terk AM 1000

      Kiwa Electronics
      Kwia makes the best products for you and your radio equipment, and also improves things that needed improvement a long time ago.

      Stormwise Ferrite Rods
      Get some huge ferrite rods and a converter to go along with its, heck it even comes with project book.

      Universal Radio Company
      They sell all sorts of loops big and small for LW/MW/SW and VLF also 10 kHz to 15 MHz

      Find the best UK LF/MF antenna here.

      This is the site that sells the AOR loop

      Kiwa Electronics
      The maker of the air core loop antenna and other useful items that you may want on your wish list.

      LF Engineering Company
      A group of engineers, who make products for VLF/LF listening even ELF loops!

      Select A Tenna by Intensitronics Corp
      The maker of the select A tenna, a great AM loop antenna that is a little bigger than the terk

      Terk Technolegies
      The maker of the best sold AM and I use also called the AM-1000 AM loop antenna, there is also technical information on how it works.

      Torus Tuner Loop Company
      A very specially made loop that is almost as big as a hula hoop

      GRAHN (Germany) Specialized Loop Antennas for MW and SW Reception Contributed by radiohighfreq
      Grahn offers both Ferrite Rod Antennas and Shielded Loop Antennas. Translated from the Gremany Language Webpages here is the "Grahn Specialized Loop Antennas for MW and SW Reception" ULR Address: http://www.grahn-spezialantennen.de/
      Use the Google Translate a web Page Tool http://www.google.com/language_tools to convert these webpages to English.

      When considering AM Loop Antennas . . .
      - - - It all comes down to Time? & Money?

      How much Time? Are you going to be 'using' the Loop Antenna for
      DXing or simply for "Better" AM Radio Reception (Sports/Talk Radio

      How Much Money? Are you willing to spend for a Loop Antenna to get
      the kind of better reception you want.

      TBL: Time and Money translates to the AM Loop Antenna's Value to You.

      The average radio listener (97%), who wants better AM Radio
      Reception, can spend $100 or less and get an AM Loop Antenna that
      meets their needs.

      Here is a brief list of the more common AM Loop Antennas for $100 or

      * Twin Coil Ferrite AM Loop Antenna (Active)
      - - - http://www.ccrane.com/antennas/am-antennas/

      * Torus Tuner 27" Loop Antenna (Passive)
      - - - discontinued

      * Select-A-Tenna Model #541M (Passive)
      - - - discontinued

      * Terk AM Advantage Loop Antenna (Passive)
      - - - http://www.terk.com/pdfs/Advantage.pdf

      * RadioShack AM Loop Antanna # 15-1853 (Passive)
      - - - Discontinued (Find 'used' on eBay)

      * MTM Scientific AM Radio Loop Antenna (Passive)
      * http://www.mtmscientific.com/loop.html
      - - - Starter Kit, Deluxe Kit or Finished Antenna!

      * * * Home made 'Box' AM Loop Antennas
      - Usually 20" to 24" in size
      - - Generally a simple Passive antenna
      - - - Can be made Active with an add-on amplifier

      #1. * Justice AM Loop Antenna (Active)
      > - - - discontinued

      #2. * Torus Tuner 27" Loop Antenna (Passive)
      > - - - website gone

      #3. * Select-A-Tenna Model #541M (Passive)
      > - - - website gone

      #4. * Terk AM Advantage Loop Antenna (Passive)
      > - - - http://www.ccrane.com/antennas/am-antennas/

      #5. * RadioShack AM Loop Antanna # 15-1853 (Passive)
      > - - - Discontinued (Find 'used' on eBay)

      > * MTM Scientific AM Radio Loop Antenna (Passive)
      > * http://www.mtmscientific.com/loop.html
      > - - - Starter Kit, Deluxe Kit or Finished Antenna!
      > * * * Home made 'Box' AM Loop Antennas
      > - Usually 20" to 24" in size
      > - - Generally a simple Passive antenna
      > - - - Can be made Active with an add-on amplifier
      > NOTE: Beyond $100 in the $200 to $400 range are the

      #1.a. Kiwa MW Air Loop Antenna

      #1.b. Quantum Loop Antennas

      . . . #3. Palomar Loop Antenna

      Basic Wire Back Yard Loop Antennas
      Full-wave loops are very popular antennas. They are especially useful on 80 and 40 meters where they perform well at modest heights. These are closed loops that are one full wavelength long. Horizontal loops may be fed at any convenient spot. For best performance, make your horizontal loop into a square, especially if it is to be used on several bands.

      K9AY: How to Build the K9AY Loop Receiving Antenna
      AY Technologies Antennas by K9AY. Excellent Antenna for Medium Wave Frequency DXing.

      Six Foot Square by Six Turn Loop Antenna
      New Mid-Size Loop Antenna by Graham Maynard with Matching Balanced Amplifier: Frequency Range 50KHz - 5000KHz.

      Ten Foot Receiveing Loop for Low-Frequency DXing
      A Page out of VE7SL's Note Book. This 10 Ft. Air-Core Receiving Loop was originally designed and constructed for NDB DXing and now is used for LOWFER DX work.

      Dave's HomeMade Loop Antennas
      This is the loop antenna my dad built in 1958. Although I was only 8 years old at the time, I knew what this was for and how it worked. WebSite/Pages produced by Dave Schmarder Page Contributed by radiohighfreq

      4 Foot Box loop antenna
      Heres a 4 foot loop project by Bruce

      ATL-3 Loop Antenna by Graham Maynard (UK)
      Loop & Amp Project: ATL-3 Loop Windings are in the Shape of a Five 26" Sided Spiral

      Alt-Azimuth Wooden "HOOP LOOP" Antenna by Linus
      The Great Pumpkin" Speaks on "How To Make" a Loop Antenna from a Wooden Embroidery Hoop. Read the Exciting Saga of his journey in to the Kingdom of Hooppy-Looppy-Dom presented by RadioIntel.Com.

      DXers Tool Box - DIY - Tuned Loop Antenna
      The DXers Tool Box "How To Build" a Tuned Loop Antenna = How can you vastly improve your Medium Wave reception? The antenna consists of an LC (tuning) circuit formed by the air-core loop and a tuning capacitor.

      Embrodary Loops
      While these loop are for crafts, they can be a craft of art for improved AM radio reception!

      Hard Core DXing
      Here's what nordic dx has to offer in their discription of loops in this website

      K5DKZ - Three Foot Box Loop Antenna Kit
      Complete Parts and Plans for a 3 Ft Box Loop Antenna "Kit" ~$85+SH

      KIT -by- MTM Scientific, Inc. -for- AM Radio DX Loop Antenna
      KIT =//= Designed to Build an AM/MW Radio DX Loop Antenna =//= Offered by MTM Scientific =//= Deluxe Loop Antenna Kit: Includes ALL the Hardware for Building this AM/MW Radio DX Loop Antenna.

      Long LoopStick Antenna for MW DXing
      Wound on a Three (3) Foot Length of PVC pipe, the "Long LoopStick Antenna" was an experiment to try to improve AM radio reception without using a long wire or ground.

      TL Loop Receiving Antenna 10 KHz - 30 MHz
      The principle of operation is that an rf voltage appears across the terminals of a loop when it is placed in an electromagnetic field. The voltage is proportional to frequency for a given field strength and so at Very Low Frequencies the voltage is very small and requires greater amplification but it is not quite as simple as that. The new TL Loop uses a unique feedback system to optimise the amplification/noise factor over a much wider range than has been possible hitherto.

      W2BRI Xmit Loops Contributed by n3hkn
      Ham Radio xmitting loops. Detailed plans and reports from Hams experiences. Typical cost is $50 for pipe, capacitor, motor.

      "AM Loop Antenna Calculator" - by Bruce Carter
      Here is a Great Tool for those Loop Antenna => "What Ifs...."

      "Loop Antennas 101" Read This First
      Minnesota DX Club's Loop Antenna's web page that is a 'Must Read' =Says It All= A Starting Point Class 101- - - TOPICS: Principles of the Loop Antenna - What is a Loop and Why Use It - Construction Principles - What Can I Use a Loop For - Loops Another Look - Pictures of Home Built PVC loops - Loop Links

      * NEW => 2002 AM Loop Antenna Construction "Tips" by Bruce Carter
      Introduction / Why Another Loop Antenna Page? / Mathematics of Rectangular Loop Antennas / Construction Articles / Loop Antenna (and Related) Links

      Loop Antennas at Hard Core DX
      TABLE: Number of Turns -v- Size of Loop in the Middle of this webpage.

      Loops and Rods =&= The Ferrite Rod Antenna
      Theory / Formulas / Drawings = The use of a small Magnetic Loop as an antenna. The ferrite has the effect of intensifying the magnetic field inside the loop.

      Modify the common AM Radio Loop Antenna
      Hard-Core DX & Nordic DX = Topics: Install Larger Ferrite Rod - Fix External Antenna -Add a Long Wire - Or a Loop - Construct it - Connect it - Add an Amplifier. Presented by Bruce Carter

      Sensitivity of Multi Turn Receiving Loops
      LWCA - Multi turn wire loops are often used as low frequency receiving antennas. Basic electromagnetic theory is developed here as it relates to electrically small multi-turn loops at low frequencies. - Presented by William E. Payne, N4YWK

      Using the Small Loop Antenna by Joe Carr
      DXing.Com presents Joe Carr's Radio Tech Notes: Eight Page PDF Document provided by Universal-Radio.Com

      How to Get Better AM Radio Reception
      Features Loop Antennas and much more. The Antenna is 90% of Your Radio. Still Need More Signal? Try a Better Antenna.

      Introduction to Broadcast Band AM/BCB/MW DXing
      The International Radio Club of America (IRCA) WebPages

      ** Radio-Antenna-PRO ** H.Hertz-Forum
      Remember you may need some Russian Text software for this groupThe international forum for radioengineers, scientists and hams. All about radioelectronics, radiocommunications, radiophysics, electrodynamics. About 250 members from 20 countries. In Russian language. Very active. Lot of interesting researches and discussions.

      Radio DXing with The Interference Problem
      This is great for that annoying problem you have with your loop antenna, and you may think its the loop, think again it could be that messed up street light, next doors dimmer switch, and other something else you can't probably solve with just a loop antenna.

      "3805er" 80-Meter balanced coax loop
      Small shielded rx only loop for 80 meters

      Magnetic Loop Antennas Receiving - by W8JI
      This WebPage's Topic Are: - Small Receiving Loops - Loop Antenna Fields - Dipole Antenna Fields - Radiation - Loop Shielding and Balance - by W8JI

      Radiation and Fields (Magnetic Loop Antennas) - by W8JI
      This WebPage's Topic Are: - Electric Field - Magnetic Field - ElectroMagnetic Field - Near the Antenna - Losses - Near Field - Fresnel Zone - Farfield - Summary - by W8JI

      Shielded-Loop Receiving Antenna by N5FC
      Shielded-Loop antennas have some nice properties that make them desirable as portable receiving antennas.

      Antique Electronic Supply
      A sorts of older variable tuning capacitors for your loop antenna that needs one bad.

      Fair Radio Sales
      A wide variety of electronic components, radios, and variable capacitors for your loop antenna

      Ocean State Electronics
      Rhode Island's best selection for a wide variety of the best tuning capacitors for reasonable price, tell them that electronicdx (Adam Ebel) sent you.

      The Crystal Set Society
      Here are some capacitor available from a club that devotes to Crystal Set Radio

      The Surplus Sales of Nebraska
      This surplus store based in the state of Nebraska, has the one you might need, but they have minumim order policy

      Dan Small Parts and Kits
      Dan's wide selection from Canada.

      American Science and Surplus
      A big spool of wire here just about for AM

      For ribbon cable and other sorts of wire.

      Femco Magnet Wire
      Femco Magnet Wire is a joint venture company that has been supplying round insulated copper magnet (winding) wire to the transplant market since 1988.

      Welcome to Litz-Wire.com!

      MCM electronics
      They do sell wire and magnet wire here

      MWS Industries
      A place for all sorts of wire for business and industry

      Magnet Wire from Radio Shack
      This is what I use often

      Mouser Electronics
      Mouser has the biggest spools here for a great price, that makes sense

      Ocean State Electronics
      magnet wire at a good price

      WIRE "Flex-Weave" Antenna Wire
      "Flex-Weave" is a hybrid aerial wire that consists of 168 strands of woven #36 solid copper wires that provide high strength and extreme flexibility. The most popular version of "Flex-Weave" is the 'equivalent' of #14 AWG wire size. It can be 'used' for unsupported spans up to 200 ft (100-150 ft in areas with high ice and wind loading).

      WIRE "QuietFlex" Antenna Wire by Antennas & More: Insulated, Strong, Flexible and Durable
      "QuietFlex" Antenna Wire by Antennas & More: "QuietFlex" #14 AWG Wire has more than 41 Strands tightly twisted together under its Flexible Insulation making it both Strong, Flexible and Durable.

      Scanning, Ham Radio and Public Safety Resources
      - Links to the various webpages with resources for the Ham Radio Operator and Scanning Enthusiast. Resources such as; Monitoring Police and Fire Communications, What Antennas to use, Secret Scanner Frequencies, Radio Programming Software, Radio Mods and Operating Tips, Professional resources for Public Safety Management, Guidance and Self-Help.

      Amidon Ferrite rods, bars, plates, and tubes.

      Bytemark Ferrite rods, bars, plates, and tubes.
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