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10345RE: John Stumm

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  • kc7nj
    Dec 13, 2013

      I see why I couldn't find the files.  I was looking for John Stumm not Lowalacrity.  Thanks for the info.  I tried putting 8 inch rods end to end on both ends of the Ramsey antenna and it makes a LOT of difference in received signal level.

      The antenna will be about 26 inches long with the extra 8 inch rods but will still work ok from a parked car.  I was using a 3' square loop but it's too much trouble to set it up and take it down.

      Funny thing about the Litz wire.  I thought the Q would be greater and the tuning sharper but the tuning doesn't seem to be any different except for the shift down in frequency due to the increase in inductance.  I'm guessing the Q is sharper but I don't have a simple way to measure it.

      If I manage to make enough of a difference that enables me to hear Martians I'll let you know.  Dave

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