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URGENT! - Write to your MP!

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  • lostcathy
    URGENT! Please Write to Your MP about Adoption Bill! Dear All I have something very important to tell everyone here on the list. The government
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      URGENT! Please Write to Your MP about Adoption
      Bill!<br><br>Dear All<br><br>I have something very important to
      tell everyone here on the list. The government is
      trying to pass the Adoption and Children Bill quietly so
      you won't notice that they are not giving you your
      rights - especially adult adoptees!<br><br>Tell your MP
      that you ARE related to your birthfamily/adoptive
      family - the government says you are not in this
      bill.<br><br>Tell your MP that searches for family should be made a
      LEGAL right for everyone -that "guidelines" do not work
      because requests can be denied on the whim of a social
      worker as they often are at the moment. There is no
      recourse in cases of refusal to search.<br><br>Tell your
      MP that the Adoption Contact Register discriminates
      against birthfamilies. Adoptees are charged �15 and told
      everything. Birth relatives are charged �30 (TWICE AS MUCH!)
      and are told NOTHING! Not even if contact is made or
      rejected leaving birthfamilies in limbo and reluctant to
      use the Register. No one seems to know it exists
      which makes it rather useless in the first
      place.<br><br>***********MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!**************<br>Tell your MP
      that you want this bill to be "retroactive".<br>At the
      moment the government says that the rights they are
      going to give adult adoptees will only apply to those
      adopted AFTER the bill is passed. This means that no one
      on this list will be entitled to those rights! These
      rights will only apply to those adopted AFTER the bill
      when they reach adulthood in 18 YEARS
      time!<br><br>Tell your MP you are protesting against the lack of
      rights for the MILLIONS of adult adoptees if this bill
      goes through as it is. Tell your MP that you want them
      to oppose the bill if it is not made
      "retroactive".<br><br>Get everyone you know to write to their MP on this
      important bill which affects everyone on this
      list.<br><br>Here is the web site for MP's and how to contact
      them;<br><br>Here is the snail mail address:<br><br>House of
      Commons<br>London<br>SW1A 0AA<br><br>You can also e-mail some of them on
      this web
      site;<br><br><a href=http://www.parliament.uk/commons/cminfo.htm target=new>http://www.parliament.uk/commons/cminfo.htm</a><br><br>Click on "Members and Ministers"<br>Click on "
      Alphabetical List of Members of Parliament"<br><br>Also write
      to Alun Milburn, Health Secretary (it is his bill -
      tell him that you are not happy with this bill because
      of the above points)<br><br>PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE! We
      will not get another chance to oppose the injustices
      contained in this bill. The more letters, the better. You
      don't have to be an adoptee or birthparent to protest
      about the injustices of this bill. We must pressure the
      government to change this bill NOW!<br><br>Many thanks for
      your help and support. <br><br>Cathy Henderson -
      Birthmother to Alastair<br> Found 16 May 2001
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