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369Adoption Truth Seekers are requesting help

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  • kochist
    Mar 21, 2004
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      Hello All

      My name is Tim and I am the web master of the Adoption Truth
      Seekers web site, an adoptee as well as a search asst. The Adoption
      Truth Seekers are looking for help with collecting information for
      our web site, as well as looking for search angels who would like to
      help out visitors who are searching.

      I know there are allot of upcoming events with summer approaching
      as well as support meetings that go on each month, and we have ask
      in the past but no one ever lets me know until after the fact when I
      read about how good they were.

      With the over whelming response we are getting from the TV show
      Starting Over I would like to make sure that the word is getting out
      about your events as well as being able to provide as much help as
      possible for members of the triad. This help can be information
      about your search if you made a web page that tells all, or if you
      have a web site for your search information I would love to post it
      for you on our web site.

      I feel it is my obligation to return the help that was so kindly
      given to me with my search that helped me to locate 8 of my 9
      brothers and sisters as well as my birth mom and will continue to do
      what ever it takes to help others.

      Thanks for your time and for allowing me to ask for this help.

      Tim Kochis