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239Re: Searching my son's Dad

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  • jnews2001
    Apr 12, 2002
      --- In lookupunitedkingdom@y..., Circe1964 wrote:
      > Hi People ! <br>I need the current location of
      > the Dad of my son.<br>If anyone can help me or give
      > me a hint how to find his new adress somewhere on
      > the wirral i'd be so happy. I only have his current
      > office telephone no. and of course he doesnt give me his
      > adress because i might sue him for the maintenance of
      > our child. What can i do ? <br>cheers and thanks for
      > your help in advance<br>Circe if you give me details i might be
      able to help i live on the wirral so i have access to some
      information e-mail jnews2001@...
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